About himEdit

Akuji ia a guy with great talent. Whenever he played football, he won every time.

Akuji Tsukiakari

560px-Akuji Request2

Akuji Tsukiakari Drawn by Kotoni~x

Japanese name

Akuji Tsukiakari

Keshin :

Atomikkuhīto Dragon Ace




Raimon Junior High


The Blue Flames/Kaiousei Gakuen






When he was 12 he tried the technique Fire Tornado. It was a huge success. After he tried to trick his friends. They were truly surprised that on of their friends tried a technique and succeeded in doing so. Akuji had at that time, perfected his home made hissatsu called Alpha Strike. After Akuji tried to kick black football appeared from the air. It just wouldn't move. Then it glowed a bright purple then Aliea Academy apeared! Captaion of Chaos wanted Akuji to join their team, but Akuji had a feeling that Chaos would use football as a weapon to destroy the planet Earth. Akuji had rejected the offer.

The Meeting & the scoutEdit

Akuji has made his own team called : The Blue Flames. He needs players, because he wants the show Aiden how strong he has become.

Ultimate Miracle ShotEdit

After the miracle Akuji mastered a technique called Vortex Impact the hissatsu was so strong that not even a Keeper hissatsu could stop the ball there was only a hissatsu, that can stop the ball it was the most Legendary keeper, Hissatsu the hissatsu called : God Hand Tiger V3 the problem was that Vortex Impact not has been able to evolving.



Kaguyo is an eye of hatred/love the eye will give you incredible power it is one of the strongest eyes in the soccer world. The keshin can get a lot of energie of that i will let you see the eye of it :


Kaguyo eye

Info :Edit

This character is created by me and de drawer is Kotoni~x and the


Akuji Tsukiakari drawn by Hungry4ramen

other one Hungry4ramen


Tsukiakari means moolight :When akuji is walking in the dark on night then his hair will be shine