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Welcome people to see Season 2 of The Blue Flames you have seen that teams have combine to defeat Team Zero. Now here is the NEW ADVENTURE OF THE BLUE FLAMES! Enjoy :D

At Akuji who was practicing with little kids in his holiday

Akuji: Yeah nice shot!

Kid 1: Thanks, Akuji-sama

Akuji: Alright who is next?

????: Uhm i am?

Akuji: Alright let's see what you have got

????: Wait must i just shot to the goal without a goalkeeper?

Akuji: That's right by the way what's you're name?

????: My name is Kumajiri Hasuka

Akuji: Alright let's show you're shot!

Kumajiri: Ok!

Kumajiri shots the ball and it was a hard one

Akuji: Good work! i think that was it!

Kids: Thanks, Akuji-sama!

Akuji: Well see you later!

At that time Akuji wents to his home and take a sleep

Haruna: Good night!

Akuji: You to

Akuji was sleeping and was to late for school

Haruna: Akuji wake up!

Akuji: Let me sleep....

Haruna: You're to late for you're school silly!

Akuji: School?...........OH NO TO LATE FOR SCHOOl!

Akuji drew directly on his clothes and ran quickly to school

Akuji: Where is my breakfast?

Haruna: Here an apple

Akuji gets an apple

Akuji: Thanks!

Haruna: Bye

Akuji is running to his school

Akuji: Hi Kotoni!

Kotoni: Who are you?

Akuji: Don't remember me?

Kotoni: No sorry

Akuji: I think you remember this :This is soooo going on Facebook!

Kotoni: No sorry

Akuji: Kind of weird? Eeh Aiden!

Aiden: Yeah who are you?

Akuji: No nothing

Aiden walks away

Akuji: Still weird


Serra: Yeah what is it?

Akuji: Wanna play soccer?

Serra: What is soccer


Serra: No sorry but what is soccer

Akuji: Soccer is the bestest sport in the universe!

Serra: No i like athletic much then soccer

Akuji: Ok i think

Akuji:(Think that everybody lost his memory about soccer)

Serra runs to the gym to practice with her atheltic

A guy runs and bumps to me

Akuji: Aaaaww! My head

????: Are you ok?

Akuji: Yeah it's ok

????: Sorry for that

Akuji: No it's ok can happend

????: My name is Matsukaze Tenma

Akuji: Hi my name is Tsukiakari Akuji nice to meet you

Tenma: Nice to meet you to

Akuji: Do you know soccer

Tenma : Of course i know!

Akuji: Everybody lost his memory about soccer

Tenma: Yeah

We went on a step and we where getting sad

Akuji: How can this happend

Tenma: Everybody knows about soccer but how can this happend

????: Don't worry you this will happend also with you

Tenma&Akuji: Who are you!?

????: My name is Alpha my mission is to erase soccer

Akuji: That will never happend!

Tenma: You can't do this to us!

Alpha: Oh really

Alpha was shotting the ball to me and Tenma but we falled off the step

Tenma&Akuji: Wha!

Alpha was coming to us but the ball was glowing and has teleported us to the past

Tenma: Where are we?

Akuji: I don't know

Alpha: You're in the past

Akuji: Wait you're right that's me playing with you Tenma when i and you where saving Sasuke!

Alpha: That's correct

Tenma: But then a man shots the ball to the wooden pillars to save us

Alpha: I gonna erase you're memory about soccer!

Alpha blocking the ball that had shot the man who had saved

Tenma and Akuji falled down of the pain

Tenma : My head!

Akuji: Me to its hurting me if i lost the soccer memory i will lose......

Tenma: You will lose Kaguyo to!

Akuji: will never erase my memory!

Tenma and Akuji stands up but they still have pain in there head

Akuji: You will never erase Kaguyo out of my head!

Tenma&Akuji: I love soccer with my hart and i will never lose it!

Alpha: Hmph if you really love soccer let's go to the football field

Alpha shoots the ball again to them and they where teleported

The pain was gone

Alpha: Meet my team

A team appeared

Alpha: Meet protocol OMEGA!

Alpha shots both of us

Akuji: Damn

Tenma: Aw!

The team and Alpha where still kicking the ball to us

In Akuji's mind

Kaguyo: We must do something

Akuji: Kaguyo!

Akuji becomes Kaguyo mode

Akuji Kaguyo steals the ball

Akuji Kaguyo:Fire Tornado

Akuji Kaguyo shots to Alpha but alpha stops it easily with ONE HAND

Akuji Kaguyo: What is this?!?

Alpha: Take this!

A guy stoles the ball

????: So you will erase soccer huh?

Alpha: Who are you?

????: You will see it!

To be continuedEdit