The BeginningEdit

There was once a small village called : Takashi Village

they had a large soccer field, nobody was playing football

because there were bullies who always took the field ands then the football field only to see themselves to keep.

But there was also a club called : Blue Flames, their footbal talent was not so good they need also


Do u interested ?

Give me you're Fanmade character and the name of it, and the information of it, please join

The Team (The Blue Flames)Edit


1.Kobayashi Lakuma(Wind)(Kotoni~x)


2.Tanatat Limkaweeratanawatee(Earth/Wood)(TanatatFideo)

3.Tadashi Tagai(Fire)(SharinganGirl)

4.Eliza Verko(Light)(Elizabeth110)


5.Kazuka Makuno(Fire)(Kadoya Masamune)

6.Rese Hanikamiya(Fire/Wind)(Hungry4ramen)

7.Mikuzi Koyuga(Ice)(Glazzel-san)


8.Serra Ryuuji(Wind)(Inazuma11fangirl123)

9.June Kiyama(Fire/Ice)(KIYAMA HIROTO 424)

10.Akuji Tsukiakari(Fire)(Akuji-san)(Captain/Me)

11.Izayoi Reina(Dark)(HirotoObsessedFangirlXD)

12.Aki Tatsuko(Fire/Light)(HirotoObsessedFangirlXD)


13.Hana Izayoi(Light)(~Ketsurui~)(FW)

14.Jason FireBlaze(Fire)(AidenFubuki)

15.Noah Dreams(Light/Dark)(Chong Kah How)


Players :Edit

Chapters: Edit

Look at here :


Shots :

(SH)Aurora Strike (Mikuzi)

(SH)Alpha Strike (Akuji)

(SH)Vortex Impact (Akuji)

(SH)Twin Crash (Akuji &Serra)

(SH)Moon Break(Akuji, Izayoi)

(SH)Unlimited Speed(Mikuzi,Akuji)

(SH)Lighting Strike(Serra)

(SH)Kaze Force(Serra)

(SH)Cosmic Blast (Mikuzi and Rese)

(SH) Fire Strike (Rese)

GK Hissatsu :

(GK) God Hand Tiger Fist V3 (Akuji)

(GK) Ice Smasher (Izayoi)

(GK) Dragon Horn(Mikuzi)

(GK) Eye The Hand (Remastered/True) (GK)(Kobayashi)

Hissatsu Tactice :

(HT)Twister of Heaven

(HT)Route of Sky

The Keshins of our team:Edit

Akuji Tsukiakari :

Jason FirBlaze :

Rese Hanikamiya : &

Noah Dreams :,_Twisted_Dreams_(Mad_Noah)#WikiaArticleComments

Serra Ryuuji :

Izayoi Reina :

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