Saiyukara Yamazo ( サイユウカーラヤマーゾ) is one of the main antagonists in the Inazuma Eleven: Shadow Revial. He is the captain of the lowest ranked team of Phantom Summit: Kyoto Killers. His Keshin is called Jigoku-Rura Kerberosu

Saiyukara Yamazo

Saiyoukara yamazo
Character Information
Element Fire
Keshin Jigoku-Rura Kerberosu
Character Debut :
Anime Title Mysterious Blaze! Rival Appears!
Episode Episode 002 (Shadow Revival)


He has short, spikey Jet Black Hair and feels no emotions. He as learnt how to control his pain as he has a Keshin that physically damages his body after use. He is an intelegent player and can create tactics for him and his team to follow, on the spot. He barely ever opens his eyes, even in soccer matches. He only opens his eues when he is about to bring his Keshin out.



Hissatsu Tactic'sEdit


All of his Hissatsu's are all Fire Element

It is said that in Inazuma Eleven: Shadow Revival, he will join Raimon (Shadow Revival). It is said that he will just help Raimon defeat a Phantom Summit team.