Kyoto Killers (京都キラー - Kyōto Kirā) are the lowest ranked team in the Phantom Summit from Inazuma Eleven: Shadow Revival. Their captain is Saiyukara Yamazo

Kyoto Killers

Kyoto killers emblem kit
Team Information
Dub Name Kyoto Killers
Captain Saiyukara Yamazo
Team Debut
Anime Title Trouble in Kyoto?!
Episode Episode 001 (Shadow Arc)


Kyoto Killers wear a navy green kit with a red stripe through the middle and surrounding the neck. The green is meant to represent the unity of the team and the red shows the blood from their victims. It is said they beat other teams to death to win their matches. The coach has bribed Phantom Summit with an unknown contract that will keep Kyoto Killers in the tournament despite their nasty and harmful behaviour. The team unfortunately has only 11 players and play in the 4-4-2 formation.


1 - Mamoni Kiba (GK)

2 - Mosini Kimaba (DF)

3 - Tsuno Zerain (DF)

4 - Beroti Yakano (DF)

5 - Sowatayo Aoi (DF)

6 - Yakaya Ini (MF)

7 - Nobiyo Poline (MF)

8 - Eia Wadereto (MF)

9 - Terun Saroti (MF)

10 - Saiyukara Yamazo (FW) (Captain)

11 - Bonieile Koroni (FW)


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