Jigoku-Rura Kerb​erosu (​地獄ルーラーケルベロス - Hell Ruler Cerberus) is a Keshin that User:ShadowX13 has made up. It is the only Keshin to have a Shoot Hissatsu and a Defence Hissatsu.

Jigoku-Rura Kerberosu

Jigoku-rura kerberosu - ShadowX13
Keshin Information
Dub Name Hell Ruler Cerberus
Element Fire
User Saiyukara Yamazo
Keshin Debut :
Anime Title Intensive Heat Battle! Endou VS Saiyukara!
Episode Episode 003 (Shadow Arc)


It has 3 heads like Cerberus and are each engulfed in flames. Each head stand for a different attribute of the user. They represent Anger, Hate and Power. It wears a black neck brace to contain its astonishing power. If that power was to be released, the user will face serious injuries.




It is said that Satan himself created this Keshin since it is so powerful. The user must be feeling the 3 meanings of the heads or the Keshin will not appear. It is said that after it is brought out, the user's body starts feeling light as the power has left their body. This renders them unable to play.