Genshi-netsu Doragon'ēsu (原子熱ドラゴンエース - Atomic Heat Dragon Ace ) is a Keshin created by Akuji-san It is the evolved form of Atomic Heat Angel Falco

Genshi-netsu Doragon'ēsu

Keshin Information
Dub Name Atomic Heat Dragon Ace
Element Ice/Fire
Evolution Atomikkuh AngelFalco - Atomic Heat DragonAce
Keshin Debut :
Fanfiction The Blue Flames: Protocol Omega VS The Blue Flames!
Chapter The Revenge


It is a majestic blue colour that shows it is an elegant and peaceful Keshin. It can fly at a speed of 400m/ph and has very powerful Hissatsu's. This Keshin feels the user's feelings at that moment in time and uses them to it's advantage. It has the power of both Fire and Ice so it can burn the opponent to death or simply just freeze them. When it is used as a Keshin Armed , the power of this Keshin is conveyed into the user.


Tsukiakari Akuji



Below is a picture drawn by User:Akuji-san of what it looks like to be Keshin Armed with Genshi-netsu Doragon'ēsu


Akuji using his keshin armor